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  P47821-B21 HP G10 3.2-TB 2.5 NVMe MP MU DS U.2 SSD
spacer  Price:  $4,745.95
Manufacturer HP Logo  

P47821-B21 HP G10 3.2-TB 2.5 NVMe MP MU DS U.2 SSD

Product ID:  731462      
HP 3.2TB 2.5-inch SFF NVMe PCIe Gen4
U.2 SSD Mainstream Performance (MP)
Mixed-Use (MU) Digitally Signed Firmware (DS)
NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) in G10 G10+
(Gen10 G10-Plus Gen10-Plus)
SmartDrive Carrier NVMe (SCN) (as pictured)
Genuine HP serial number and SSD firmware
Genuine HP Certified NVMe SCN SSD (Solid State Drive)

Part Number(s)
Option Part# P47821-B21
Spare Part# P48126-001
HPE NVMe Mainstream Performance Mixed Use U.2 Solid State Drives are ideal for Big Data analytics cloud computing high performance compute business intelligence database applications and virtualization. Achieve higher IOPS to enhance the performance of your data center. Maintain data accuracy with full data-path error detection. Choose from a broad portfolio of enhanced solutions in a wide variety of capacities. HPE NVMe Mainstream Performance Mixed Use U.2 Solid State Drives and U.3 PCIe Gen4 SSDs deliver higher performance for server-storage solutions to better meet the challenges within high performance workloads. HPE NVMe U.2 PCIe SSDs are backwards compatible with NVMe U.2 SSD backplanes only. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Solid State Drives are rigorously tested 3.35 million hours in various environments to achieve the quality standards you need.
CategoryProliant HardDrive
Sub-CategorySolid State Drive
GenerationNVMe SCN SSD
Part NumberP47821-B21
Best Use: Mixed-Use
Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard
Products ID731462
Plug TypeHot Plug
Form Factor2.5 inches / SFF
Interface TypeNVMe Gen 4 U.2
Workload TypeMixed Use
Carrier TypeSCN
Flash TypeTLC
P47821-B21 NVME Installation Instructions Installation Instructions for NVMe Drives    
Part# P47821-B21 NVMe SCN SSD Solid State Drive
Enlarge P47821-B21's Front Image Enlarge P47821-B21's Front Side Image Enlarge P47821-B21's Back Side Image Enlarge P47821-B21's Top Image
Enlarge P47821-B21's Connector Image Enlarge P47821-B21's Left Side Image Enlarge P47821-B21's Right Side Image Enlarge P47821-B21's Top Rear Image
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P47821-B21 HP G10 3.2-TB 2.5 NVMe MP MU DS U.2 SSD
Printer Friendly Product Info for Enlarge Image of
 P47821-B21 NVMe SCN SSD Solid State Drive 
 Part#: P47821-B21 
 Quantity: 10 In stock  In Stock
 Warranty: 3 Year
 Usually Ships: Same Day
 Condition:  New
 Country Flag Price:  $4,745.95
P47821-B21 3 Year Warranty
Genuine HP P47821-B21
         Security ID
S/C: 107314621  PN: P47821-B21
This product will have a
Genuine HP security sticker.
We do not sell 3rd party HP products.
 Other conditions: Refurbished P47821-B21
HPE Part# P47821-B21
 Condition :   New   Usually Ships :   Same Day 
 Warranty :   3 Year   Dim weight :   1.00 lbs
 Packaging :   Sealed Static Bag  Factory original :   P47821-B21 
   P47821-B21 HP G10 3.2-TB 2.5 NVMe MP MU DS U.2 SSD  Price:  $4,745.95 
HP  This HP Part# P47821-B21 is compatible with these HP G9/G10 HP Servers and Storage Systems
Proliant BL Series: BL460c (G9 G10) BL660c (G9)

Proliant DL Series: DL360 (G9 G10)
Proliant DL Series: DL380 (G9 G10) DL385 (G10)
Proliant DL Series: DL560 (G9 G10) DL580 (G9 G10)

Proliant ML Series: ML350 (G9 G10)

Apollo Series: 4500 (G10) 4510 (G10) 4520 (G10) 4530 (G10) d6500 (G10) k6000 (G10)
Apollo Series: n2600 (G10+) n2610 (G10+) r2200 (G10) r2600 (G10) r2800 (G10)
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US Flag  P47821-B21 Flat Rate Shipping Options
We have 10 pieces of P47821-B21 in stock and ready to ship as of Sunday 10th of December 2023
This product has a 30 Day return and a 3 Year replacement warranty.
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